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4 generations of women keep secret pickle recipe in the family

By Jordan Grice  -  August 16, 2017 VIRGINIA BEACH — For Dena Sawyer, making pickles has always been a way to bring her family together. Using a family recipe that dates back to the early 1900s, Sawyer said the family hobby always yielded great gifts for their neighbors to enjoy during the summer and the holidays. According to Sawyer, one neighbor enjoyed the pickles so much that he sparked the idea that grew into a new business for the Virginia Beach residents. “He loved them and he said ‘y’all should do this. Ya’ll should start a company,’ and I said ‘I don’t know,” Sawyer recalled. “A couple years later here we are, and we are trying our hand at it.”...

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Curious questions about pickles: A Virginia Beach family thanks great-grandma for their home-grown business.

VA Pilot - By Lee Belote CorrespondentSep 8, 2017 VIRGINIA BEACH Four generations are caught in a pickle. They’re not in a difficult situation, but rather the pickle business. Using an old family recipe, Virginia Beach resident Dena Sawyer and her mom Francine Stanley formed The Prissy Pickle Company in 2015. Sawyer’s grandmother, dad, daughter and husband also participate in the pickle-making process. Stanley’s grandmother, Carrie Elder, lived on a farm in Charlotte County, Virginia; and she would can or pickle anything. Sweet pickles were a staple at family gatherings, served at lunch and dinner. “I vividly remember her serving them in china bowls at each end of the table,” said Stanley, recollecting her childhood in the 1950s. “My cousins...

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